The motorized version of the Bulbble sinbad is about to be released, this kit comes with a fiberglass cowl in place of the noze balsa blocs.
Any setup from 200w to 300W will suit the Bubble Sinbad.

We are testing our with the following setup:

          o   D-Power Brushless Motor AL28-14
          o   D-Power Brushless Regler "Comet" 20A
          o   Lipo 3S 1500mAh
          o   Propeller 8 x 4

As soon as we have validated the setup with a first successfull flight we will post a video and make the model available in our webshop.

the cowl will also be available separatly.

And a fuselage + cowl kit will be available as well.

Keep alert and stay safe !