RC-Laserkit is stopping its activities !

The webshop reflect the still available kits, and we will not produce no more kits.
Orders will be accepted until December 15th then the webshop will be definitively closed.

Should you be interested to take over the activity or the domain, please contact us !

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eBubble Sinbad announced !!!

The motorized version of the Bulbble sinbad is about to be released, this kit comes with a fiberglass cowl in place of the noze balsa blocs.
Any setup from 200w to 300W will suit the Bubble Sinbad.

We are testing our with the following setup:

          o   D-Power Brushless Motor AL28-14
          o   D-Power Brushless Regler "Comet" 20A
          o   Lipo 3S 1500mAh
          o   Propeller 8 x 4

As soon as we have validated the setup with a first successfull flight we will post a video and make the model available in our webshop.

the cowl will also be available separatly.

And a fuselage + cowl kit will be available as well.

Keep alert and stay safe !

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