RC-Laserkit is stopping its activities !

The webshop reflect the still available kits, and we will not produce no more kits.
Orders will be accepted until December 15th then the webshop will be definitively closed.

Should you be interested to take over the activity or the domain, please contact us !

Should you experience navigation Issue, please Press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the cache.

Balsa Price Increase !!!

We are unfortunately carrying bad news, since the beginning of this pandemic there has been a high demand for balsa on a global level.

Unfortunately stocks in European companies are empty, and producing countries are stopped. Balsa is indirectly affected by this pandemic, in Ecuador a real human disaster, and in other producing countries ports or sea freight are blocked .

We are therefore in an impasse which will certainly last a few months. We are not the first to sound the alarm, but the other producers will follow, or will be out of stock.

We will do our best to limit the impact on the price of the kits but if this situation continues an increase in the prices of the kits seems inevitable.

You wonder where our customers Live ?