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Welcome to RC-LASERKIT, we are Designer and Producer of RC models

We are making repair kit for crashed models, or full kit of models on demand, on this site you will find an overview of our models and new items.

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eBubble Sinbad announced !!!

The motorized version of the Bulbble sinbad is about to be released, this kit comes with a fiberglass cowl in place of the noze balsa blocs.
Any setup from 200w to 300W will suit the Bubble Sinbad.

We are testing our with the following setup:

          o   D-Power Brushless Motor AL28-14
          o   D-Power Brushless Regler "Comet" 20A
          o   Lipo 3S 1500mAh
          o   Propeller 8 x 4

As soon as we have validated the setup with a first successfull flight we will post a video and make the model available in our webshop.

the cowl will also be available separatly.

And a fuselage + cowl kit will be available as well.

Keep alert and stay safe !

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Balsa Price Increase !!!

We are unfortunately carrying bad news, since the beginning of this pandemic there has been a high demand for balsa on a global level.

Unfortunately stocks in European companies are empty, and producing countries are stopped...

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Bubble Sinbad is available !

RC-Laserkit took the time to redesign the already sucesfull Super Sinbad.
We have kept the general shape of the model , we rouded the shapes and improved the delicate construction points observed on the Super Sinbad.
The result is a slightly larger Bubble Sinbad whose construction time is less than 15h.
Fuselage building Video is here : https://youtu.be/vOITwZJn7FU
Stabilisator Building video is here : youtu.be/ctpwBaVYqeY

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New Sinbad Coming Soon

We are working on a new version of the super Sinbad !!!
It will be easier and faster to build, flight experience will be improved as well !

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Bouw Avond met de zaunkonnig bij MVV Delta OSS

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