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TMRC / Graham PA25 Launch

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Piper PA25 Pawnee scale 1/4 on sight


1:4 Scale Piper Pawnee
Span: 108" (2.7m),
Length: 65.5" (80cm)
Area: 1700 in.2
All up weight: 18-22 lbs.
Airfoil: Clark Y
Scale: 1:4
No. Servos Req'd: 7-9 Laser cut major components parts kit to build over redrawn plans (sheets 1 and 2 of 2 at 36" x 75") derived from the 1980 award winning Piper Pawnee Crop dusting classic designed by Dick Graham and produced in plan and laser cut kit with his permission.
In 2007 I met with Mr. Graham at his home in Iowa, after several phone conversations regarding purchasing his award winning model and producing kits.
I fell in love with the model and after arriving home began the arduous task of completely redrawing his impeccable plans to show all major parts outlines to scratch build, but also to have digital files available to laser cut the parts. Precision laser cut parts package that will get you well on the way to sheeting and covering in weeks instead of months are available and cut to order.

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Niew kit available BigStick 118

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Fiberglass fuselages are coming.. today ASW28 1/4!/DG-800-fiberglass-fuselage-Scale-1-4/p/237885393/category=0

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Testing motorisation...

We are testing several brushless motor to make sure they will fit well under the cowl and that flying experience  will be great !

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